Transport Division

In addition to supplying fuel, our transportation fleet stands ready to deliver our products to service stations throughout Malaysia. Our principles are to ensure high quality and that the full quantity of our products are being distributed where they are needed.

To maintain our competitive edge, we focus on fulfilling our customers’ needs with comprehensive management programmes that address pricing levels, market volatility and inventory.

Our transport department specialises in the transportation of petroleum products.It has expanded its trucking division to service the needs of jobbers, wholesalers, distributors and end users who require professional handling of their petroleum products.

Over the years, the division has grown to feature:

  • Fully liveried trailers
  • A fleet of dedicated trailers
  • A stable of professional drivers
  • Central dispatch
  • Competitive Rates
  • Regional Coverage in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah

We continue to search for opportunities to expand our network of service stations in Malaysia to further fulfill the needs of the motoring public as well as looking into distinctive and innovative commercial products while expanding our operations internationally.