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Leong Chee Meng

  • What we had done

    Mr. Leong Chee Meng was diagnosed by Trigeminal Hemangioma or more famously known as the elephant decease which causes an unstoppable tumor growth. The Dato’ Lim Lee Seng Charity Foundation with the leadership of Dato’ Sri Dr. King Lim Chin Fui has provided and will continue to provide assistance to Mr. Leong Chee Meng to be treated in Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou, China as the particular treatment is not available in Malaysia and no doctor in Malaysia is equip and skilled enough to handle such a decease.

    拿督斯里林振辉协助大马象脸人Leong Chee Meng到广州医病,圆了他多年来夙愿。